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Related post: Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 11:36:18 -0800 From: Bi Otto Subject: The Other Members Can Also Cum Anytime 18Chapter 18 - The last cousinAfter the gay fun party the night before, Dick slept with my father and his father. I went to my room, cause I could use some sleep.After all, the next day I would fuck (and be fucked preteenboys girls nude by, please!) Mark and (he didn't know) would try his sister. I chose that day to meet Mark because I knew he would have to leave bone nude preteens after our topless preteenmodels sex session. That would leave Carol and I alone. Who knows what could happen?For instance, she could preteensnude 10 years suck my cock. And that was a hell of an idea, not only because Carol was a very hot girl but also because that's how I woke up that day. With my cock in someone's mouth. I opened my eyes and saw my dear stepsister with her mouth full."Good morning," she said, and then I saw that we were not alone. I smiled at my cousin Pat and said:"Good morning."She phillipine preteen models was nervous. But Donna was sucking my cock and, even if nervous, Pat seemed interested. But she said:"Donna, Dick is not bella preteen pics here.""Yeah. Where is he, Bobby?""With dad. Mine and his. Hope you don't mind it, Pat."By then, I had all the pieces together. The night before, preteens masterbating pics Donna and Karen introduced their fingers and tongues into Pat's pussy. And Pat certainly loved it. That morning, she wanted something new."Donna, you've said that Dick would be here!""Oh, don't worry, Pat. Bobby will do. You. Do you want it?""He's big.""Yeah, that's my big stepbrother. Do you want him?""I'm not sure. Are you sure it's not gonna hurt me?"I smiled at her:"Hey, Pat, do it just if you're ready. Come here."She came next to me and I kissed her. She had these wonderful soft, young lips. By asian preteen portal the second kiss, preteen underage teenporn I could feel her soft, young tongue. I asked her:"Do you want to taste hard preteen video it, first? Just to see how it's fucking underage preteens like?"She smiled. She liked the idea. She got her face in front of my peehole, but then she looked malaysia preteens naked at me:"I'm preteen anal virgins not sure if I know how...""Just lick it, preteen hentai manga first. preteen nudes bodies See if you like the taste."She did. Licked my cockhead. She probably liked the taste, because soon she was licking my whole cock. From base to head, from head to base, the underside of it.Donna was proud! She was smiling, next to Pat, touching the young girl's hair. Donna kissed Pat's ear and asked her:"So?""Not bad. It's funny, to have a hard preteen latin girl cock like this on my tongue. But it's nice.""Lick his balls, dear.""Okay."Okay! She licked preteenangels com my balls, slowly, as she was licking my cock, but her tongue was enough for me. Slow was fine. Donna saw that:"Look, Pat, precum!""Oh.""Do you want to lick his cockhead to see how it tastes?""I preteens fucks dunno.""Come on, Pat. It's nice. Believe me. You'll like it.""Okay, then."She did. I felt her tongue once more on my cockhead, mania blue preteens but this time my cockhead was wet! Now, after the first touch, she definitely started to lick me faster!"She likes it," said Donna."She does. And so do I."Donna got up and took off preteen sex tasteful her nightgown. I could cute preteen nudism see my stepsister naked once more and I would never get tired of her young naked body. But, that morning, I was amateur preteens daddy dying to see another young naked. Pat.Donna came to me and I started to suck her (still) small tits. Donna liked that. But nudity preteen that also gave Pat an idea:"Okay, I want to suck him!"I asked:"Are you sure you're ready?""Yes!"Donna smiled:"Okay, dear but, first, take off your clothes. Let your cousin see what a wonderful body you have."Pat smiled and took uniform cum preteen her clothes off. She was 14 and she was growing. She would turn out a hell of a woman, I could tell you that! Because she was preteen kiddy underage a hell preteen galleries ls of a girl, she reminded me of her xxx preteenz pics sisters. And her mother. Her cunt was just so beautiful! My cock responded to it when I first saw it. But no. Not yet. First, her mouth, then her pussy.Donna asked me:"So, Bobby? Do you like what you see?""Beautiful.""I amatuer preteen pics knew you would like her. So, Pat, do you still preteen bodybuilding russia want to try to suck him?""Yes.""Remember, dear, just suck it like you sucked your sister's tits last night. nn preteen gymnasts Don't nn paysites preteen preteen indian worry. And tell preteen nimphets porn us if you like it.""I guess I top 100 preteenpics would.""Well, I love it! And so does Bobby, you know?""Yes. Okay, I'm going down!"And Pat was facing my cock once more. She licked my wet cockhead once preteen underage phpbb more, and she really liked the taste."Come on, Pat," said Donna, "put your lips around it."She did. She was shy, at first, but soon she realized that there was nothing wrong in having a cock in your mouth. Quite the opposite, actually! She sucked my cock into her mouth. And soon her schoolgirl model preteen horny instincts were all education she preteen hard bbs needed it. And I mean it!Donna was kissing me. When I felt that her tongue was already wet enough, I asked her:"Make preteen model factory her ready, will ya? I'm dying here!""Okay."So Donna got behind my cocksucker hard porno preteen cousin and opened Pat's legs. Hm... I regretted the fact pics preteen post that lol preteen I'd sent a girl to do a man's job. I could only imagine that delicious pussy, pink and so close to Donna's nose. Donna started to lap my cousin's cunt. And Pat loved it!"Oh, thank God, Donna! 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Lick my peehole, preteens torrent take most of my cock out of your mouth and lick my peehole. Yes. Suck me again. Hm...""That's so much fun!""I'm glad you're liking it, little cousin. Tell preteen model bathing me whenever you're preteen magazine porn ready to move on.""I will, Bobby. Just let Donna lap a little more. You don't mind, do you, Donna?""Not at all, babe!""Do it like you did last night, Donna. Please?""What?""You know. preteen thai 12 The boylovers preteen site finger.""In your butt?""Yes.""Okay, dear, preteens cuties angels here it goes. Open your pretty little asshole. Hm. Forgive me, but preteen vagina picture I just have to lick it!""Oh...""Here, Pat, are you ready?""Push it!"And Donna pushed her finger, slowly, into Pat's asshole. Pat probably loved it, because she just got my cock in her mouth and reality preteen models decided she would suck me hard.But not for long. No. Pat took her mouth away from my cock to scream:"Eat me! Eat me cause I'm about to cum, eat me, Donna!""No," said Donna."What?""You're ready, now! preteen porn download Ready for Bobby. Aren't you?"Pat looked at my shaft."I... I don't know. Come on, Donna, finish me and later, I..."Donna touched Pat's cunt."Ah!""You see? You're ready. Believe me, now preteens sex legal is the moment. You're so preteen pussy pantie hot you'll feel nothing but pleasure. Don't you believe me, dear?""Well...""Come on. Here, I'll hold it for you. You go on juicy preteen girls top. So you can control how fast you preteen bikini ru go, come on."Donna held my cock and, well, it legal xxx preteen always went crazy when she european preteens topless held it."Please, Pat," I said.Pat looked at us. But not preteen bbs hot for long. She had to cum and the instrument of her orgasm was on her face. She did as Donna told her to do. When forbiden preteens her pussy was a few inches away from my cockhead, Donna even licked her clit a last time:"Hm..."And Pat lowered her body. I felt. My cockhead between her cunt lips, and down she came. It was preteen celebrity perfect. Just perfect. A soft, virgin, tight cunt."Oh!"Pat realized my cock was not hurting her. She was too hot. She felt, as Donna preteens brasil beach said, ls magazin preteens nothing model preteen pedo but pleasure. And upskirt preteen models she'd never felt a pleasure like this. She started to move her hips preteen pictures gallery up and down and, each time she went down, my cock went deeper inside her. Till it was lesbian preteen photos all in."Oh, Bobby, that's beautiful. A beautiful, wonderful feeling."Donna kissed her:"So? Weren't you a little silly?"Pat kissed preteen tween models her back and said:"Yes. Silly."Then Donna opened her pussy and sat on my face:"Come in, stepbro. Eat me up, preteens spanking okay? I also want to cum."I had no choice or desire but to do what she had asked me. I touched her clit with the tip of my tongue."Yes..."And Pat started to really move. She was ready to cum, and soon she sat strongly on my cock and pushed crazy nymphets preteen Donna toward her. image sexy preteens They kissed and Pat came. While I was licking Donna's pussy.After the kiss, Pat didn't stop. No. She started to go up and down again. Around my cock. She had the talent, I repeat. She just knew how far she could go, before engulfing my cock again."Oh, Bobby, that's heaven!""I'm glad you're liking it, preteen transexual pics Pat! Keep doing and hopefully you'll be able to cum again!""That's all I want! All I! Want...""Suck me, Bobby. Hm, you're almost as good as your sister, you know? Fingerfuck my butt."Well, Donna's butt is that special thing top site preteens I knew so well. I inserted a couple of my best fingers inside her and got her clit preteen colombian models between preteen model images my teeth."Hm, yes, Bobby!"Donna and Pat started to play with each other's growing breasts. Of course, the touch of their ass preteen boys hands just increased their pleasure.And they started to kiss again. Sure they did, they were crazy for each other, and they were having a hell of a time. Of preteen boy nonnude course, so did I. For a moment, preteen fuck mpeg I even considered not going to Mark's. Just lust collection preteen spend the whole day with those two."Oh, Bobby, suck me, please!"I sucked Donna's clit. Hard. She was ready to cum and, preteens secret pics when underground preteen modeling I sucked it all inside my mouth, she came. I opened my mouth again to drink her juices. My fingers were still in her ass. And Pat was moving her body on top of me.When Donna took her crotch away from my preteens sex girls mouth, I saw the splendor of my beautiful cousin riding my preteen incest story cock. pedo tiny preteen Her beautiful cunt hiding my cock. Donna moved behind Pat and, topless preteen photographs well, started to lick my cousin's behind."Oh, thank you, Donna! Lick it!""Pat, I don't know how much longer I can wait!""Not long, preteens naket Bobby, not long, I promise you. Please! Trust me, trust your little karina russian preteen cousin. Just let me! Hm... I'm preteen classic nude almost ready."Then it was my turn to nude preteen german caress her growing tits."Oh, Bobby, it's so good to feel a masculine hand on me!""I know. I agree with you a 100%."She smiled."Oh, Bobby, I'm just about to. Can I go faster?""Please!"She did. Faster. Fast guestbook preteen nudes enough for me. As fast as her tight cunt preteen boy erection allowed her to go. Soon she bikini topless preteen was cumming. And so do I."Oh, Bobby! That's it!""Pat, I'm cumming!""I know, and it's beautiful! Beautiful! God, next time I want to drink it. Hm, you made me feel wonderful, Bobby. Both of you!"But she was preteen family nudes tired. And preteen desires so was preteen nude toon I. Next time would have to wait. That afternoon, I would fuck Mark. And his sister. I had to preserve myself. They both preteen german would like my cock hard. And preteen vid so would I. Next Chapter: Salty asshole
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